Resources for Planters & Missional Leaders

You have already have a busy schedule.  Scouring the internet for helpful resources is a necessity, but not a priority.  Let us help!  Here are some resources we have found helpful along the way.  These are the podcasts, programs, & tools that can help you be a more effective planter and leader.  Some of these are free, some are low cost, and some are just a worth while cost.  Hope this helps you spend less time hunting so you can spend more time outreaching!


We did not ask permission to link these resources, and we didn't receive any special endorsements for sharing them either.  These are just the resources we have found most helpful for our own ministry, and those of our fellow planters and missional leaders.  We hope this allows you to spend less time hunting and more time creating.

Speed of the leader, speed of the team.  The more you can grow as a leader, the more your church will be able to grow as well.  But with a crammed how do you find time to grow?  Here are some great resources to help you grow on the go.