Social Media Resources & Tools

Social Media is something every church plant, and missional ministry must engage with! It is not an option to ignore social.  Like Justin Wise says, "The platforms will change, but social media is here to stay."  But that is good news for those who love to leverage every opportunity to share the gospel.  Here are some helpful tools to grow your own social media IQ and presence. 

  • Coaching, Training, & Resources

    Justin Wise and the Thinkdigital team have compiled an incredible coaching for any church leader who wants to find out how to truly leverage social media for ministry. This is a training I have used with our team, and the results have been worth every penny!  No, I was not paid for this endorsement.  I just love what these guys put out.

  • Training.

    This site will help you stay on top of the trends in social media, and how it can be utilized in your ministry.  They do this through a helpful podcast and blog.  They also options paid courses you can take online to raise your social media IQ.

  • Tools.

    Many of the graphics and media tools we recommend for social can be found in our Graphics & Media Tools section of this websites.  So at the risk of being redundant we will just refer you back to that page for some great tools to make your social media posts pop.