Your church can thrive in spite of the uncertain season we are in. In this webinar, David Putman will give us a simple way forward where you can experience a disciple-making movement regardless of your churches size. In this webinar you will discover:

1) Two simple disciple-making rhythms
2) Five principles that lead to rapid reproduction
3) A simple non-program approach to disciple-making that anyone can lead
4) Five different types of disciples

Anyone signing up or participating will receive his brand new resource, The Gospel Disciple Life: A Micro-Group Strategy for Making Disciples that Make Disciples.


8 habits of highly effective church planters

What are the habits that lead to quality and quantity in church planting?  We did an amazing interview with Steve Pike. Steve has over 30 years of experience as a church planter and the CMN network founder/leader.  The interview was so incredible we turned the insights into a free ebook for you.

This is a podcast created for church planters, by church planters.  It was originally launched in 2013 by Matt Peeples, a church planter, and church plant trainer. the goal was simple, to create a podcast around that addressed the struggles, challenges, and issues church planters and missional leaders face.  

Since it's relaunch in 2019 the podcast added a network partnership, thekairosnetwork.com, live webinars, and free ebook resources.  Even though we are a few years into this journey, it still feels like it is just the beginning.